Brazil Jewelry Week

With each edition,  we awarded 2 artists i- selected by the judges, through the award the jeweler becomes the communication of the next edition of Brazil Jewelry Week and wins the participation.

  Vianney Mendez, Mexico  and Luiza Kuschel, Mozambique,  were the  Brazil Jewelry Week 2021 winners.

Vianney Mendez

Luiza Kuschel



Joya Barcelona

 JOYA BARCELONA-  awarded an individual artist - selected by Paulo Ribeiro - through the award the selected jeweler will participate, as a guest, in the Joya Barcelona 2022 edition

Carolina Gomes, Brazil,  was the winner.

Carolina Gomes



Núcleo Escola/Laborátorio

In the third edition of Brazil Jewelry Week,  JORGE MANILLA-  awarded 3 artists - through the award the selected jewelers will participate, as a guest of the study group at Núcleo Escola/Laboratório.

Carol Roz- Brazil,  Eva Fortuno- Spain and Natália Lima- Brazil  were the winners.

Carol Roz

Eva Fortuno

  Natalia Lima