Since 2016 Núcleo contemporary jewelry adds different actions to unite and enhance contemporary jewelry in Latin America.


Miriam Mirna Korolkovas one of the pioneers in jewel art in Brazil, owner of a 50-year history, collector of several achievements to stimulate contemporary Brazilian jewelery.

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Jorge Manilla, is known internationally for his art jewels and objects, for the competence in his classes and lectures, for the respect  acquired during his career, dedicating to contemporary jewelry in Latin America.


Joyeros Argentinos is an Argentine platform for meeting, visibility and organizing art jewels. The Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewelry proposes itself as an axis of dialogue and South American meeting in view of the need to unite an identity path of creation, recognition and validation of our art.

JOYABRAVA, founded in 2010, is a non-profit, Chilean union association that brings together about 30 contemporary Chilean jewelers, who work with jewelry as a means of artistic expression, investigating and experimenting with materials, concepts and processes.


The objective of JB is to bring together contemporary Chilean jewelers to stimulate and promote the growing development of contemporary jewelry, as well as to insert this art into the Chilean and foreign cultural sphere.


Born in Colombia in 2015, DE LA MANO is an initiative that aims to manage and develop academic, curatorial, exhibition and circulation projects for Colombian jewelry. During these five years, DE LA MANO has been recognized as a space in which interdisciplinary creative dialogues are fostered, to connect work and research with the processes of exhibition, commercialization and training of audiences for jewelry.

PIN–Portuguese Association for Contemporary Jewellery

PIN is a non-profit cultural organisation, found in 2004 in Lisbon, aimed at promoting

contemporary jewellery, interchanges of ideas and experiences and the development

of theoretical and practical projects within the arts, especially national and

international jewellery.