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The pandemic has this year provoked a lot of feelings and questions in us. We have put off plans, learned again to make things, become closer to our essence and our fragility. Given all this, the Brazil Jewelry Week team reflected deeply on how it would be possible to make an event or, first of all, whether it should even happen now. Looking at all that we have built so far, we immersed ourselves in the real meaning of the word contemporary. And nothing is more contemporary than extracting beauty from what is not obvious, what is unconventional, dodging difficulties, and innovating.

Besides all the sadness and grief, we feel insecure, afraid, bored, and powerless. We do not need and should not deny these sensations, but we can find in them the motivation we need to create. Just like we jewelers, the vast majority of consumers feel this way, too. And where can we find the motivation we need? It comes from different places, but the affection, beauty, and feelings generated by art can be an important source of energy that helps us move forward.





Transmitting sensations through jewelry, we invite everyone to take part in the second edition of Brazil Jewelry Week, which will be held virtually in December  2020  - a  year that, more than any other,  needs the transformative power of art. Starting on December 3, it will be a  week of intense online activity (talks, performances, and workshops) transmitted through virtual tools. At the same time, collections by each artist will be on the online platform for 20 days, until December 23. ​

Curated by Miriam Mirna Korolkovas, one of the biggest names in Brazilian jewelry, the theme of the next edition will be "incorporate the work,” focused on the relationship between the body and jewelry.  Jewelers from Latin America who express themselves in an original and at the same time personal way will be selected.


In addition to bringing together and celebrating contemporary jewelry, Brazil Jewelry Week allows us to recognize jewelry and build relationships with partners and consumers, developing new markets.

This relationship will be possible and, even, closer despite the digital format, as a showcase to arouse desire. In this second edition, professionals will have their own pages to display up to five pieces, putting every jeweler in the spotlight. The page will also be able to host audiovisual content about backstage, the rituals of creative production that tell the story behind the jewelry.

This individual space will also provide contact information so that consumers can establish a relationship with their favorite artists, creating a bond and loyalty. In practice, the Brazil Jewelry Week team will mediate the interaction between consumers and designers, promoting jewelry sales.

On the second Brazil Jewelry Week platform there will also be a special space for schools /galleries/collectives, with stories, images, videos, and contact details. We believe that the pandemic has created an opportunity for us to connect differently, but in a way that was already part of our everyday lives. Despite the absence of physical contact, the Internet allows us to interact with more people, more immediately, expanding the reach of knowledge and diversity. 





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