Jorge Manilla is an artist born in Mexico City who lives and works in Oslo, Norway and Ghent, Belgium. In recent years, Manilla has won the title of rebel and subversive with his way of transforming materials, breaking all the schemes and norms of what we understand when we think of contemporary jewelry. After obtaining her master's degree in 2006 at St Lucas University College of Art and Design in Antwerp, Belgium, Manilla continued to work as an independent artist and as an art educator at different institutions in Europe, in addition, in Central and South America, such as Brazil , Chile and Argentina, places where Manilla is currently very active as a remote tutor. Jorge Manilla was also a professor at different institutions in Belgium, such as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In 2017 Jorge obtained the title of Doctor of Visual Arts as a result of his doctoral research between 2014 and 2017, under the name "Other organs" held at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. In the same year, Manilla obtained the position professor of metals and artistic jewelry at the National Academy of Arts in Oslo, Norway, a position in which he continues to hold a full-time position today. Manilla is constantly active as a Visiting Professor at different official institutions, as well as independent private organizations , as a critic and tutor of art programs, as well as giving workshops on creative, technical and conceptual processes. His work was acquired by several museums, collections and private foundations around the world. Jorge Manilla became a key person in the development and promotion of jewelry-related projects around the world Some of its annual activities alongside its artistic practice are: Athens Jewel Week, Athens G recia International work selection jury for the central exhibition, Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewelery, Buenos Aires Argentina, organized by Joyeros Argentinos, International Award Jury, Brazil Jewelery Week, artistic project advisor and artist selection and conference management , Budapest Jewelery Night, Budapest Hungary, Selection Jury for the central exhibition Melting Point Valencia, collaborator and contributor of exhibition proposals in each edition.