This event is dedicated to the artistic expression of contemporary jewelers, who consecrate art with skill, sensitivity, and a connection to issues that provoke and instigate. Brazil Jewelry Week -   Incorporating the Work – focuses on the poet-artist demiurges who are aware of the internal truth of their conceptions; jewelers who dream profoundly, who shows emotions contained in the work unveiled. Jewelry as art, a power that adorns bodies inside and out. Ritualistic, transcendental symbiosis, prominent jewelers such as Dionysus wishes to see: man no longer as an artist but becoming the very work of art. Contemporary in its exuberance and profusion.  The trans-valorization of values to surprise those who want to be surprised. The revelation of creative and meticulous work by the jeweler who makes a path, an identity - the virtue of those who make jewelry for their love of art and culture. Brazil Jewelry Week - Incorporating the Work - proposes the lyrical exhibition of jewelry as art, open to new experiences and bonds. It bets on the dissolution of borders, the conjunction of neighboring countries, to incorporate the art of contemporary jewelry against apocalypse and chaos. Integrated, we shall face up to stagnation, uncertainty, and indecision.  We understand the current scenario and will not allow ourselves to succumb.  

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"During my artistic practice in recent years as a professional artist, teacher, and researcher, questions have arisen regarding Latin identity in the field of artistic jewelry. In these times, with such hybrid cultures, what can be said to the world as Latinos, what can we communicate, how can we express and represent it? What is our relationship with, our use and reinterpretation of, ancestral cultures?  We have to create to communicate, create with commitment, emotion, and intelligence. The Latin American voice intrigues me. I want to see how we materialize the beliefs of our ancestors with the flavors of the present." 



 "Jewelry artists warn, contest, invent through their work. Their expressions will surprise you in these dark times that we are going through. Dare!"



The first and leading international contemporary jewelry fair in Latin America. Based in Brazil since 2019, it was created to inspire new behavioral and aesthetic experiences in the act of adorning oneself. It gathers together contemporary artists to propagate, strengthen, and consecrate the creative potential of these jewelers, creating experimental dialogues to renew and reinvent concepts, materials, and techniques. In the first edition, held in 2019 in Sao Paulo (SP), BJW had 85 exhibitors, 70 Brazilian and   15 international artists. In addition to bringing together the main jewelers in Latin America, the event allows us to recognize jewelers and strengthen relationships with consumers, developing new markets.



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